Ask About Our Fuel Testing Services and Packages

Ask About Our Fuel Testing Services and Packages

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How do I send samples?

ASAP Labs offers two easy ways to ship your fuel samples:

  1. Order our ASAP sample kits that  include bottles to fit any test package you may need.

    2. Have your own bottles?  No problem!  Just send          us your fuel samples in  clean, dried, plastic               HDPE bottles and we'll take care of the rest.  

*ASAP ship via all major carriers such as US postal Service, UPS & FedEx.

What is ASAP Labs process?

Customer selects & orders test package 

Customer orders sample shipping kit.

•ASAP Lab will receive & processes samples.

•ASAP Lab posts result online within 72 hours.

•ASAP Results accessible via LIMS portal 24/7.

PDF of results will be sent to customers.

Can Diesel fuel be shipped?

Yes. Diesel fuel can be shipped! 

Diesel is not considered a hazardous material due to its high flash point.

If you are using your own bottles

  • Secure your lids tightly.
  • Place containers in a zip lock bag